Physic art

His name is Pablo and he is an artist.
His paternal last name, Posada, explains his strong “Bogota” accent, which is unusually noticeable given he lived in Colombia only from the age of seven to nineteen. His maternal last name, Pernikoff, is French inherited and explains his European appearance. He was born 53 years ago in Pamplona (Spain), and even though he possesses French and Colombian passports, he is the perfect example of a world citizen. He speaks six languages fluently and has lived in Spain, United States, Colombia, Canada, France, Italy, with the majority of his life in Japan.

Years ago he decided to become nomadic. He has no house, no car and no shop. As he himself expresses, he lives more in his mind that on the earth’s surface. He enjoys the moment, whatever is occurring, and since he carries no wallet the only money he needs is what he has in his pocket. Some of his few belongings are being stored in a small warehouse in Tokyo, but his real treasures, his artwork, are carried around the world in his suitcase, packed in between his pants and shirts.


He does not stay in hotels. His “home” is the house of endearing friends that he has around the world and who are constantly inviting him to spend a season with them. Like this, Pablo lives traveling around the planet, his true obsession, and using the stimuli to create experiences that nourish his inspiration to produce artwork, which has been displayed in renowned galleries, museums and hotels in Bogota, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing.

He decided to “settle” in Japan, although the term residence is not more than a word; simply, he needed to have a domicile in an organized country to help him “become organized” and from that perspective, the nation of Japan provided such structure.


Pablo has studied in prestigious universities in America, Europe and Asia. He began with computer engineering, continued with electronic engineering, afterwards found refuge in pure math – the base for his art – followed by industrial design and oriental studies and ended with his great passion: fine arts.

When we think that art and physics have no relation, and that artists run away from numbers, Pablo demonstrates the contrary. His foundation in mathematics and understanding of physics allows him to be conscious of how matter flows through space and time, evolves and mutates. And this is precisely what inspires him: to be able to recreate such phenomenon using materials including lacquer, paper, metal, glass, wood or mineral pigments.


Crédito de fotografías:  y archivo personal de Pablo Posada Pernikoff

His artwork is abstract, timeless and illustrates the material side of the non-material. His sculptures and paintings speak directly to senses, intending to explain the changes and manifestations that matter experiences with the passage of time and with the exposure to other forces of nature.

Pablo is a dreamer in the most literal sense. He claims to have the power to control what he dreams and thus assuring that he is happier when he is dreaming. He lets himself be carried by the floating and fluctuating world in which he lives, which creates a tremendous fluency to his character. He is a true friend to his friends and is comfortable conversing with the President of the nation or a humble street vendor. His great sense of humor and extraordinary ease are two of the attributes of this fascinating human being and extremely talented painter and sculptor whose artwork helps us to understand physics through art. 🌸